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Boys Coaches

Lemond Fofang - Campus Athletic Coordinator, Head FB, Track
Max Aman - Basketball Coordinator, 8th FB, 8th BB, Track
Sergio Gonzalez - Track Coordinator, 7th FB, CC, Track
JJemal Hall - Ast. Coach 7th FB, 7th BB, Track
Quinten Cook - Ast. Coach 8th FB, 8th BB, Track
Ronald Harvey - Ast. Coach 7th FB, 7th BB, Track


Girls Coaches

Becky Nabors - Girls Athletic Coordinator, 8A Volleyball, Track, 
Camisha McCreadie - 8A Basketball, Track
Brittany Miller - 7A Volleyball, Cross Country, Track
Tye Bedford - 7A Basketball, Track
Amanda Armstrong - 8B Volleyball, 7B Basketball, Track
Medina Murry - 7B Volleyball, 8B Basketball, Track
Jumoke Babalola - Tennis 

​Shannon Mims - Volunteer Coach

RankOneSport Registration

Every student wishing to participate in Athletics must have a parent or guardian complete these health and registration forms for their student to participate.


Girls' Athletics

Boys' Athletics


How It Works

CCS in an organized group of student volunteers representing the campus as a whole. The CCS board will review crimes that have occurred within the school's jurisdiction and attempt to solve them by offering cash rewards as an incentive for information that will solve the crime. CCS will also offer a method for anonymity for those who wish to report criminal activity.

2016-2017 Officers:
President - Kimberly Rendon
VP - Veronica Andrate
Treasurer - Xavyon Leonard
Secretary - Alulexus Davis
Historian - Yesenia Najar

Staff Officers:
President- Lauri Page-Browning
Vice President: Onita Kirven 
Treasurer: Shanna Barone 
Secretary: Karina Eguia 
Historians: Officer Pedro Gonzalez and Brittany Miller

Fine Arts



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