Please fill out the following form by Wednesday, August 29th to order your P.E. Uniform!
P.E. Uniform Order Form

Please sign the following PE Procedures and Expectation document and return by Wednesday, August 29th.
PE Procedures and Expectations
PE Procedures and Expectations - Spanish

A.C. New Middle School Physical Education

Dear Parent and Student,
We are excited to have the opportunity to teach you Physical Education! This document explains the expectations for P.E. this year.

The A.C. New Middle School Policy is the standard for being tardy for any class. Please refer to the campus policy for details.

Lockers will be assigned; some students will have to share a locker.  School items may be stored in the locker during the P.E. class only.  Workout clothes may be left in the locker overnight, but should be taken home to wash every week.

Dressing Out
It is mandatory that all students dress out for P.E. daily. If a student does not dress out in appropriate P.E. clothing points will be deducted daily. Please see MISD guidelines for not dressing out.  This is a MISD policy.

Clothing Needed

  1. Gray t-shirt, black basketball length shorts (mid-thigh to knee length-no shorter than 5” inseam)-Solid black workout pants may also be worn, socks and athletic shoes

 *An order form for the district wide physical education uniforms are attached. This is not a required purchase. However, if you do not choose to purchase, you will be issued a uniform that must be worn each day. You will be expected to launder this shirt and if it is not returned at the end of the year, you will be charged for this garment. Each set of shorts and shirt will cost $15.00 and the last day to turn in the order form is Wednesday,  August 29, 2018.

Excuses for Non-Participation
Notes from parents are permitted if a student needs to be excused from participation. A student will not be excused from participation for more than three days per semester. A parent note should include the reason that the student may not participate. After three days of excused participation, a physician’s statement is required. Students are still required to dress out, unless the physician states that changing clothes would be detrimental to a student’s health.  Any written assignments will still need to be completed.

Medical Non-Participation
Students may be excused from participation as long as necessary with a physician’s statement. The statement should be on the physician’s letterhead and should contain the reason for the excuse, the date the excuse should begin, and the length of time the student will be excused.


  • Have fun and learn to enjoy being physically active!
  • Be prepared and ready to participate.
  • Use equipment appropriately and with the teacher’s permission.
  • Treat all teachers and your fellow student’s with respect.
  • Listen attentively to all instructions
  • Follow all student code of conduct rules.



Daily average             80%    (Participation-including sportsmanship, daily exercises, group work, and Dressing Out)

Unit tests                    20%    (written tests, projects, and knowledge of unit covered)


Locker Room Rules

  1. Enjoy the time you have together. Remember to be kind and respectful of each other.
  2. Keep the locker room and your locker clean. Throw away all trash and put clothes in locker.
  3. Keep lockers locked and anything of value locked inside. New Middle School is not responsible for personal property.


Gym Rules

  1. No food, drink or gum is allowed.
  2. Use equipment as directed and only with permission.
  3. Do not leave the gym without permission.
  4. If bleachers are closed, do not sit or climb on them.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Camisha McCreadie - Girl’s P.E.                           Max Aman - Boy’s P.E.       

972-882-5600 Ext 8359                                         972-882-5600 Ext 8358                   


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